Renegade Open 2014 Mini-Report — Day Two

Day One report can be found here.

The Renegade Open’s system provided a Rogue Trader Tournament for everyone except for the Top 8 Competitors (since they all won cash, I doubt even the dude who went 0-3 missed the RTT). Mission format was the same as the main tournament, and even the missions for rounds 1-3 of the RTT were the same missions as rounds 5-7 of the GT.

Round One:

The mission was the Relic + the Maelstrom objectives. My opponent was the “mirror match,” Space Marines (in this case, Ultramarines) with an Imperial Knight (in this case, a Paladin), played by Joey, who went 1-2 in the GT, buoyed by a reporting error (more on that later):


  • Chapter Master with Artificer Armour, Burning Blade, and Combi-Melta
  • Captain with Artificer Armour, Power Sword, and Plasma Pistol
  • Dreadnought with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Heavy Flamer in Drop Pod
  • Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon
  • Stormraven Gunship with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Hurricane Bolters
  • Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missile Launcher
  • Tactical Squad (10) with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon
  • Tactical Squad (10) with Plasma Gun and Plasma Cannon
  • Knight Paladin

As Confucius memorably wrote, “Man who drop Dreadnought in front of 8 Tank-Hunting Lascannons need not plan what to do with Dreadnought next turn.” That’s how turn one went, and at the end of Turn 1, I realized a mental error I made–I managed not to deploy my Knight. I had dropped the Chapter Master’s squad onto the Relic, and that meant that I dictated the course of the game.

When asked how my round went, turn three was my answer as it handily summed up the way the whole game went: He hovered his Stormraven to get the Terminators out, they rolled poorly moving into terrain, then failed a medium-length charge into the Chapter Master’s squad. His Knight charged mine and diced it into tiny little pieces (seriously, he took over 20 Hull Points off of it), only to get demolished by flying shrapnel in exchange. My turn came up and I dropped an Orbital Bombardment on the Terminators and the Stormraven. All five Terminators failed their invulnerable save, and the Stormraven couldn’t jink since it wasn’t the target, so the center of the board was all mine. Then Lysander took apart the Tactical Squad with the Captain, driving them off the board in one round.

Joey’s pretty new to the game, as evidenced by a few things: He didn’t use his Chapter Tactics even once. He didn’t know how Instant Death worked (or at least didn’t know to consider it), until Lysander punked his Chapter Master. He didn’t realize that Flyers could change between ground-firing and Skyfire each Shooting Phase. He didn’t know how Power of the Machine Spirit worked. He went on to take second-to-last in the tournament and win a special prize: an entire Deathwing army (sans Belial).

Round Two:

This mission was Assassination–after Deployment, write down three enemy units. Destroy them and you get primary. My opponent was Shawn, against whom I have played many times, running Farsight Enclave with Tau Empire allies:


  •  Commander Farsight
  • Riptide with Ion Accelerator, Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, and Earth Caste Pilot Array
  • Riptide with Ion Accelerator and Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster
  • Crisis Team (3) with 6 Fusion Blasters and Bonding Knife
  • Crisis Team (3) with 6 Fusion Blasters and Bonding Knife
  • Crisis Team (3) with 3 Missile Pods, 3 Twin-Linked Missile Pods and Bonding Knife
  • Sniper Drone Team with 3 Marksmen
  • Sniper Drone Team with 3 Marksmen
  • Ethereal
  • Fire Warrior Team (11) with EMP Grenades in Devilfish with Gun Drones
  • Fire Warrior Team (10) with EMP Grenades in Devilfish with Gun Drones

My assassination targets were the two Fire Warrior teams and the Sniper Drone team parked right in front of them. I dropped in right in front of them and unloaded lots of Boltguns into both sniper drone teams, trying to cut down his markerlight support. Got the assassination one down to 1 marksman, and the other one had to make a morale check.

Shawn did just what I knew he’d do (because he had to, and because I knew how he played): he got all of his fire warriors out to shoot. An entire squad of Fire Warriors with Ethereal fire caste power activated shot into a squad of tactical marines and killed one guy. And his dice went down from there. He charged one Riptide (the other was out of position) into that Tactical Squad. 2 guys with krak grenades took 3 wounds off of it over the next 3 rounds of combat and the Chapter Master took the rest. To balance it out, Lysander’s squad failed a 2-inch charge (through terrain) into the survivor of the sniper drone team. However, the Knight took out half of the other Fire Warrior squad and one Devilfish (by targeting the foot troops).

On his second turn, despite one Crisis Team mishapping into a distant corner, he obliterated the Knight with Farsight’s squad. However, that put him into the line of fire of the Devastators, who wiped out all but Farsight from that squad. The Chapter Master proceeded to go through his entire backfield, the Devastators finished off Farsight, and his other Riptide managed to get around just enough to take out the small Tactical Squad and their ride, which had dropped in my backfield.

It turns out that Shawn’s assassination targets were my 3 drop pods, so we both got primary. By hemming him in early with Objective Secured units on his objective, I ran away with the modified maelstrom and won. Shawn would like you to know that he rolled 96 1s during the course of the game. His dice were terrible, and mine were good enough to capitalize on it.

Round Three:

The mission was three Crusade objectives. My opponent was Matt, whose only prior loss this weekend came to Joey (my round one opponent) via reporting error. He had not yet failed to gain a single point in the entire tournament (apart from the 10 he “failed to gain” against Joey), which means he’d won Primary and Secondary every round, plus Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord, and Solo Blood. He was running Farsight Enclave with Tau Empire allies. [List might be a little off, I’ll double-check it when I’m around my copy of the list.]


  • Commander with Shooting Weapon of Some Kind and 2 Marker Drones
  • Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon, Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Velocity Tracker, and Earth Caste Pilot Array
  • Riptide with Heavy Burst Cannon, Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, and Velocity Tracker
  • Crisis Squad (3) with 6 Missile Pods and 6 Marker Drones
  • Crisis Squad (2) with 2 Twin-Linked Fusion Blasters
  • Crisis Squad (2) with 2 Twin-Linked Fusion Blasters
  • Crisis Squad (1) with 2 Missile Pods
  • Broadside Squad (3) with High-Yield Missile Pods and Smart Missiles
  • Broadside Squad (3) with High-Yield Missile Pods and Smart Missiles
  • Aegis Defense Line with Icarus Lascannon
  • Sherpa Suit (Commander with no shooting but all the goodies)
  • Fire Warrior Team (6)

I thought he might be trying to deploy in the only good ruin on the board, so I deployed my Knight to be in position to get units out of it, but he just turtled up on the other side of the board. I dropped Lysander in his face, making him shoot his entire army at him (which was, unfortunately, enough to take him out), while leaving my small squad on my Maelstrom objective to score secondaries.

He was super hot with his cover saves on his Broadsides against Lascannons and the Thermal Cannon (all game), but I took out one Broadside from each squad, only to have him make his morale checks. Next turn, I dropped the Chapter Master in his face, taking out another Broadside, some Marker Drones, and a wound off of the Riptide with the Orbital Bombardment. He dropped in his fusion blaster teams and took a bunch of Hull Points off of the Knight, but didn’t destroy it. The Knight missed a long charge through terrain to get after the Riptide after driving the Fire Warriors off the table with the Heavy Stubber.

Eventually, he wiped out all of my forward elements and slowly marched his two-commander squad and a nearly-dead Riptide onto my Crusade objective. However, by hemming him in with Objective Secured units early, I was able to get a huge lead in the Maelstrom objectives and took the only points anyone took from him all weekend by winning secondary, only to end up being tabled at the end of the game.

I ended the day at 2-1, with 23 points, so definitely a respectable showing. Happy with the tournament as a whole. Other than the top-16 game and Shawn’s unsubtle frustration at his horrible dice, all of my games were great, fun games. My losses were very close, well-fought games that could have gone the other way with a few flipped dice rolls. Most of my wins (except for Joey) could have done exactly the same. The exact kind of game I love to have, where both players have to play hard and capitalize on opportunities to pull out a win.

I would like to see more of the asymmetric missions (like the round 6 Assassination mission) in the future–that is, missions where both players can get the primary objective so that even the loser has a possibility of getting a good number of points. Shawn scored 6 points for round 6, only 1 less than Matt got for beating me in round 7. A mission like that rewards a strong showing, despite ending up losing.

Also, I think that if the Renegade follows the 2nd-day-RTT format again, I hope they pair based on results from the previous day. I don’t think matching Joey up against someone coming out of the top 16 was a good way to ensure players have fun games. I think the self-selection of pairing based on day 1 results will get players of similar skills and army-strength against each other.

[Opponents’ army photos again stolen from Cyle Thompson: ]

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Renegade Open 2014 Mini-Report — Day One

On November 22 & 23rd, 2014, the crew of the Renegade Open hosted a Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN. I was one of 66 people to participate in this tournament, and did *rather* well.

The tournament used a modified Maelstrom chart as the secondary objective for all missions:

  1. Hold Tactical Objective 1 (placed by first player to place terrain).
  2. Hold Tactical Objective 2.
  3. Have a unit at least partially in your opponent’s deployment zone.
  4. Destroy an Infantry, etc. unit. (little things)
  5. Destroy a Vehicle, Monstrous Creature, etc. unit. (big things)
  6. Have at least 3 units in your deployment zone with no opponent’s units.


I was running my Strike Gnomes as Imperial Fists successors (because they are), with the following list:

  • Conor Nihilius, Chapter Master (Chapter Master in Terminator Armour  with Power Fist, Shield Eternal, and Auspex, Warlord)
  • Darnath Nihilius, First Company Captain (counts as Captain Lysander)
  • Second Company, Ninth Squad (Devastator Squad (5) with 4 Lascannons)
  • Third Company, Third Squad (Tactical Squad (8) with Meltagun, Combi-Melta, and Melta Bombs in Drop Pod)
  • Fourth Company, Second Squad (Tactical Squad (8) with Meltagun and Combi-Melta in Drop Pod)
  • Fifth Company, Tenth Squad (Devastator Squad (5) with 4 Lascannons)
  • Sixth Company, Fourth Squad (Tactical Squad (5) with Meltagun and Combi-Melta in Drop Pod)
  • The Righteous Fury of the Citizenry of Belathus, Made Manifest in the Fury of Our Emperor-Blessed Forges (“Fury of Belathus”) (Knight Errant)
  • Rage of the Strike Gnomes, Raining in Blood From the Skies (“Rain of Blood”) (Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missile Launcher)
  • From Beyond the Stars, a Judgment Cometh as a Hammer from the Skies (“Judgment Cometh”) (Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missile Launcher)

Round One:

The mission was The Emperor’s Will. My first opponent was Mike, who plays most often at my local store, so I’ve played him several times before. He was running a borrowed Space Wolves army:

  • Arjac Rockfist
  • Ulrik the Slayer
  • Iron Priest
  • Lukas the Trickster
  • 14 Blood Claws with 2 Power Fists in a Land Raider Crusader
  • 14 Blood Claws with 2 Power Fists in a Land Raider Crusader
  • Knight Paladin

I won the roll to deploy first and deployed in my standard fashion: Hide the Knight as best I could and put the Devastators in ruins with good firing lines. He tried to hide as well as he could, and only rolled a 5 to Seize.

I immobilized Ulrik’s Land Raider turn 1, leaving it with 1 Hull Point left. Meanwhile, I had a Drop Pod mishap off the table, so the other one deployed much more cautiously. He hopped the Iron Priest out of the other Land Raider to make room for Ulrik to hop in, but realized that he couldn’t disembark and embark in the same turn, so he hid Ulrik very well for this turn. The next turn, my Devs had good line of sight to the Knight, so they plinked away at it. Eventually, it came down to his Blood Claws obliterating my Tactical Squads, being backed up by his Knight, which got pounded pretty good by the Chapter Master while my Knight charged into his troops. It was a slugfest in the middle, which ended with very little standing, but in my favor. Ultimately, it came down to hovering Stormtalons shooting at his Iron Priest to see who held his objective, and one Stormtalon survived to win it.

Round Two:

The mission was a hybrid of kill points and Big Guns Never Tire, so bonus points for killing Heavy Support and points for holding objectives. My opponent was Nate, running Ultramarines with Grey Knights Nemesis Strike Force:


  • Varro Tigurius
  • Tactical Squad (5) with Meltagun in Drop Pod
  • Tactical Squad (5) with Meltagun in Drop Pod
  • Tactical Squad (5) with Meltagun in Drop Pod
  • Scout Bike Squad (3)
  • Centurion Devastator Squad (4) with 4 Grav Cannons and Omni-Scope
  • GK Librarian (Level 3)
  • Strike Squad (5)
  • Nemesis Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter and Heavy Incinerator
  • Nemesis Dreadknight with Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, and Nemesis Greatsword

Time to get super-aggressive. I dropped down two squads full of dudes to get at his Centurion Star (which was the only thing on the table). A good hit with the Orbital Bombardment took out a Centurion and the Librarian, but lucky Look Out, Sir! rolling kept Tigurius alive. I denied Invisibility on the first two turns, making the star a viable target, but wasn’t able to quite defeat it. I annihilated the rest of his army, though, leaving just the scout bikes (out of sight) and one Tactical Squad (out of sight) alive. He did the same to me though, and only one squad of Devastators survived to the end. This game was lost by one mental error: my Stormtalons flew off the board turn 4, and I never brought them back on. He won on primary by the 2 kill points he got from that, we tied on Maelstrom, and he had Warlord and Linebreaker that I lacked.

Round Three:

The mission was a variant Scouring, with each player putting a 3-point objective in their opponent’s deployment zone, a 2-point objective in the no-man’s-land, and they can score 1 point from the Maelstrom objective. My opponent was Joe, a local St. Paul area player, with Tyranids:


  • Hive Tyrant with Wings, 2 Twin-Linked Devourers
  • Crone
  • Crone
  • 30 Termagants
  • Tervigon
  • Malanthrope
  • 2 Zoanthropes
  • 2 Zoanthropes
  • 2 Stonecrusher Carnifexes
  • Void Shield Generator (3 Shields)

A really clever list, and again I realize I have to be aggressive and keep him off my Devastators as long as possible. I drop right in his face and take out a Zoanthrope and knock his Tervigon down to 1 wound. It spawns 8, but cramps up. He whittles down my Tactical Squads quite effectively and charges in the Tyrant and some Zoanthropes. They get tied up, the Chapter Master beats down the Zoanthropes, but the Tyrant ends up winning the day. Then, somehow, he gets The Horror off on Lysander every turn for the rest of the game, locking him in place to get slowly gunned down by the Termagants coming in from reserve. The stonecrushers charge my Knight, but only one of them can get in to base contact for Hammer of Wrath and he rolls very poorly. The Carnifexes take a couple of hull points off, but one dies to the Reaper Chainsword and the other gets Stomped out. His Crone and Hive Tyrant take out the Knight and my flyers, then he has to Glide his Tyrant to charge my Devastators, and the game ends on 5 with him out of position of his 3-point objective, while my Drop Pod survived on my 3-point objective, and nobody had a 2-pointer. I had also won on secondaries.

So I end the first part of the tournament 2-1. By my perusal of Torrent of Fire I was in 18th place with 19 tournament points, but the cutoff would be 20 for the top 16.

Torrent of Fire didn’t break down the top 16 correctly, though, so it was manually corrected, and somehow I ended up in the top 16.

Round Four:

This mission was table quarters, scored like objectives. My opponent was Tim, with Imperial Knights Adamantine Lance with an Imperial Guard Combined Arms Detachment:

  • tim


  • Knight Paladin
  • Knight Paladin
  • Knight Paladin
  • Company Command Squad
  • Platoon Command Squad
  • Infantry Squad with Lascannon
  • Infantry Squad with Lascannon
  • Conscripts (29)
  • Platoon Command Squad
  • Infantry Squad with Lascannon
  • Infantry Squad with Lascannon
  • Conscripts (29)
  • Void Shield Generator with 3 Shields

Probably the hardest list I’ve ever had to face. Lobbed lots of Lascannon shots into him, blew off the void shields. Dropped in as close as I could to try to melta his Knights, no luck. Melta squad charged and crushed by conscripts. He tried to advance, I dropped Lysander in behind him and shot up his CCS, but couldn’t quite kill the Company Commander. Bring It Down! eventually got enough lucky 6s to take out my Stormtalons. His Knights eventually got in with my Knight, but Catastrophic Damage took out his warlord, so I ended the game with 1 point, despite getting tabled on turn 5.

Even apart from the un-fun list to play against, Tim wasn’t much fun to play against. As the most extreme example, when I tried to get into side arc on his Knights on Turn 1, he used the “draw a box around the Knight, then a line from corner to corner” method, but later, when he tried to get into my side arc (Turn 4?), the dividing line was shoulder to shoulder. That is, in the image below, it was the yellow line when I was shooting, but the green line when he was shooting. If it had mattered for the game results (by the time he was trying to get my side arc, it was already impossible for me to win), I would have made a stink, but since it didn’t matter, I let it slide. I didn’t much appreciate him telling me though, that the green line was “the way [he] always [did] it,” after telling me that the yellow line was right an hour earlier.


So I ended the day 2-1 in games that I should have been in, 2-2 overall, with three very fun, tactical games (round 2 is probably the best game of 40k I’ve ever had). More coming soon for the Day 2 RTT.

[Opponents’ army photos stolen from Cyle Thompson: ]

[Knight Arc photo stolen from Chris Mehrstedt: ]

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Hobby Update #9: Independent Characters Galore!

[Due to camera issues, this post will be updated soon with the remaining pictures.]

The past few weeks (since the conclusion of The Independent Characters’ Hobby Progress Challenge) has seen me hard at work preparing for the Granite City Waaagh! Fest.  I scrapped my first draft list recently, so some of what I have been working on will not end up being used.  In any case, almost all of my progress for that has been with Independent Characters.

First, I have gotten my Terminator-armoured Sanguinary Priest about 60% done:

As well as finishing up my jump-pack Sanguinary Priest:

Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack

And getting my stock Sanguinary Priest about half done:

In addition, I have gotten my jump-pack Chaplain (Christmas gift from my brother) about half done:

And my skull-helmet Chaplain just shy of that:

My crowning achievement is getting The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host 90% done, just some highlighting, shading, and script on the scrolls remaining:

In addition, I have finished up the three guys that were merely basecoated in my jump-pack Assault Squad (here pictured with the rest of the squad):

I have also painted my fifth-company mounted Assault Squad:

I hope you enjoy the update!

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Chronicles of Triumph, Part One: Waaagh!

I have finally managed to *play* a full game of Warhammer 40,000. I headed up to my “local” hobby shop about an hour away and met up with this Ork Army, which was exceptionally painted.  My first, immediate observation, was full-on adoration of his Rhino-chassis-derived Looted Wagon with Boomgun.  The other Orks were very solidly painted, not cartoony as Orks can easily be.  A beautiful red paint scheme, I was hopelessly jealous.

First off, my list:

  • [125][HQ1] Librarian with Jump Pack, Shield of Sanguinius, and Unleash Rage
  • [75][E1.1] Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack
  • [270][FA1]Vanguard Veteran Squad (5) with Jump Packs
  • – Bolt Pistol and Power Fist
  • – Power Axe and Storm Shield
  • – Hand Flamer and Power Sword
  • – Bolt Pistol and Power Sword
  • – Sgt. with Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, and Melta Bombs
  • [240][T1] Assault Squad (10) with Jump Packs and 2 Meltaguns
  • – Sgt. with Bolt Pistol, Power Fist, and Melta Bombs
  • [165][T2] Assault Squad (5) with Meltagun
  • – Razorback with Lascannon and Twin-Linked Plasma Gun
  • [165][T3] Assault Squad (5) with Meltagun
  • – Razorback with Twin-Linked Assault Cannon
  • [165][T4] Assault Squad (5) with Meltagun
  • – Razorback with Twin-Linked Lascannon
  • [145][HS1] Vindicator
  • [145][HS2] Vindicator

Next up, an approximation of his list:

  • [HQ1] Warboss with Power Klaw, etc.
  • [HQ2] Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, etc.
  • [T1] Slugga Boyz Mob (12)
  • — Nob with Power Klaw
  • — Trukk with Boarding Plank and Red Paint Job
  • [T2] Slugga Boyz Mob (22)
  • — Nob with Power Klaw
  • [T3] Shoota Boyz Mob (22)
  • [T4] Nobz Mob (6) with 2 Power Klaws and Waaagh! Banner
  • — Battlewagon with Deffrolla, Boarding Plank, and Red Paint Job
  • [T5] Deff Dread with Big Shoota and Skorcha
  • [T6] Gretchin Mob (20) with 2 Runtherds
  • [FA1] Stormboyz Mob (15)
  • — Boss Zagstruck
  • [HS1] Looted Wagon with Boomgun and Red Paint Job

He had set up the table prior to my arrival.  Pretty good terrain coverage, lots of level 1&2 hills and area forests, with one large pipe system just off of board center to the east.  We rolled up Drawhammer/Roll Dice & Tie/Auto-Tie Mission and Spearhead.  He set up his objective in a forest deep in one corner (SE) and I set up mine behind cover on level 1 of a level 2 hill deep in the opposite corner (NW).  He deployed his Gretchin into the forest around his objective and flanked it with Shoota Boyz to the west and Slugga Boyz to the north.  The Deff Dread, Battlewagon and Looted Wagon took up position ahead of the Shoota Boyz, while the Trukk led the way for the Slugga Boyz.  I kept my Vanguard Veterans in reserve to Deep Strike, deployed my jump troops with Librarian and Sanguinary Priest behind a level 1 hill on the north edge as close to board center as I could manage, and put my Vindicators and Razorbacks just in front of my objective’s hill.

Turn One:

He fires his Boomgun and I quickly realize that my Jump Troops are packed too closely together (trying to fit them between the center line and open terrain).  He takes out three of them despite the 4+ cover save (Boomgun ignores 3+ armor and Feel No Pain).  His Battlewagon rolls out to the west a bit, and the Trukk rolls north around the pipe structure.

I fire all my lascannons at his Battlewagon and manage to immobilize it.  The Vindicators move into position a bit.

Turn Two:

His Ork driver pushes a wrong button, sending his looted wagon careening into a hill.  The Big Mek repairs the Battlewagon, and the Trukk approaches the hill behind which my jump troops are cowering.  The Shoota Boyz and Slugga Boyz try to move up to cut off my potential advances.  Meanwhile, Zagstruck drops in and his Boyz try to smash a Vindicator, but it had moved at cruising speed and was only shaken by their assault.

I fire more lascannons at his Battlewagon and stun it.  A Demolisher Cannon and Assault Cannon make short work of the Stormboyz.  My Vanguard Veterans deviate from their ideal spot right behind the Gretchin, and are out of range to assault, so they instead open fire, taking out a couple of grots.

Turn Three:

The Gretchin charge into the Vanguard Veterans to tie them up and manage to take one out, losing quite a few.  The Slugga Boyz retreat to try to deal with the Veterans, as they are obviously going to crush the grots, but can’t quite make it in.  The Looted Wagon moved up to get a better shot at the jump troops next turn.  The Battlewagon moves towards the Razorbacks creeping up the west side.

The lascannons again immobilize the Battlewagon.  The Vindicators take the Boomgun off of the Looted Wagon and blow up the Trukk.

Turn Four:

The Slugga Boyz make it into assault with the Vanguard Veterans, but a bad Assault roll and intervening Gretchin only let seven of them swing.  Fearless wounds from massive grot death weaken the Boyz further, but they greatly weaken the veterans.  Grot riggers keep the Battlewagon mobile.  The Trukk Boyz’ Nob takes the Demolisher Cannon off of a Vindicator.

Seeing the Boyz well out of position, the jump troops make their move and get behind the pipe structure.  The surviving Demolisher Cannon cuts down the Shoota Boyz’ numbers.  The lascannons immobilize the Deff Dread right where the Battlewagon wants to go.  The assault cannon tears up the Trukk Boyz, but they hold onto their morale.

Turn Five:

The Boyz finish off the Vanguard Veterans and consolidate towards the objective.  The Big Mek hops out to repair the Deff Dread.  Shoota Boyz take out a jump troop.

The Jump Troops can’t quite get into range to contest the far objective this turn, so they stay out of the Boyz’ assault range, but where they can easily get in themselves.  The “Las-Plas” Razorback puts a wound on the Big Mek, but his Force Field negates it.  The Vindicator puts a big dent in the Shoota Boyz.

Turn Six (thank goodness):

The Nobz jump out to protect the Big Mek and manage to get an assault off on the “Las-Plas” Razorback and blow it up.  Two of the Marines inside die in the explosion.  The Big Mek succeeds in repairing the Deff Dread.  The Trukk Boyz are barely unable to reach my objective, courtesy of a Razorback placed in the way of a run and just out of assault range. 

The jump troops get into it with the Slugga Boyz, and the Librarian’s Unleash Rage hands a dramatic victory to the Strike Gnomes in this fight.  The Boyz are reduced to six and, for the first time, one of the red horde fails a morale check and run off the board easily. 


Next time, I’ll try to get pictures of the action and a copy of my opponent’s list to reflect it more accurately.

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Hobby Update #8: Deluxe Hobby Update!

So, among other things, Space Marine has managed to eat up the time I would usually use to update things around here.  I managed to eke out some time on my lunch break today, so hopefully this will work out.  LOTS OF NEW STUFF:

First off, I have completed assembly on a fourth Razorback, this one for the Evil Gnomes:

Furthermore, I assembled, painted, and based a Furioso Dreadnought, Brother Ignace:

Also, it was an Independent Character extravaganza the last couple of months, featuring a second librarian (this one sans jump pack) and Brother Corbulo:

I have also recently finished the remaining seven Assault Terminators, providing me with a complete squad (seven with thunder hammers and storm shields, three with lightning claws):

Part of that squad is a figure with repositioned Lightning Claws:

In addition, I have completed my third Razorback, the Dougal, the ride for the Second Company’s Eighth Squad:

I also have a teaser for my next update.  I have assembled a Chaplain with Jump Pack, Astorath the Grim, a Predator, and a second Furioso Dreadnought.  Here is the teaser picture of the chaplain:

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Hobby Update #7

Well, after any number of late nights, I finished my monthly hobby commitment.

I finished assembling the second Vindicator, with lots of step-by-step photos taken, which I am currently in the process of editing, after which the Vindicator magnetization page will be posted:

I finished assembling my third Razorback:

I painted the Razorback which I assembled last month, the Nessa:

And I painted a squad of fourth company assault marines:

Now would probably be a good time to explain the Strike Gnomes’ naming conventions for vehicles.  As any character names you may have seen sprinkled in my posts may indicate, the Strike Gnomes nomenclature is very Celtic-derived.  (Their Chief Librarian is named Fionn, their founder was named Cullen, their Chapter Master is named Conor.)  Similarly, the Rhinos and Razorbacks have Celtic-derived names–specifically, any surname beginning with “Mac” with the “Mac” removed.  For example, my first Razorback was the St. Choinnigh, which is the name from which McIlhenny (Mac Giolla  (“Saint”) Choinnigh) was derived.  The latest is the Nessa, as in Conor Mac Nessa of Irish legend.  Later Razorbacks will include the Dougal, Lir, and Roich (as in Fergus MacRoy of legend).

The Vindicators and Land Raiders are named after legendary weapons, particularly of Celtic mythology.  Dyrnwyn was the sword of Ryddyrch in legend, forthcoming Vindicators and Land Raiders will include Fragarach, Caladbolg, and the Gae Bulga.

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Hobby Update #6: Tank You Very Much

The title is not a typo. My hobby progess has been very tank-centered this month. I built another Razorback, as well as a Vindicator. I painted the interior of the Razorback prior to completing assembly, and I painted the entirety of the Vindicator. In addition, I purchased the Vindicator to be used for the step-by-step magnetizing guide coming up either alter this month or early next month, as well as another Razorback.

In addition, I got a squad of Razorback-riding Assault Marines painted and based.

Part of that involved painting the cape of the sergeant, shown below:

Plans for this month include painting the Razorback pictured above and assembling the Vindicator (with step-by-step photos) and the new Razorback, as well as painting an additional Razorback-mounted Assault Squad

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